Craftex Low Foam Shampoos

Craftex Low Foam Shampoos

Craftex professional carpet and upholstery cleaning chemicals for most fibres and fabrics.

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Coarse cleaning powder for use on carpets, most curtains & upholstery. Very economical with rust inhibiting and brightening properties. 15Kg


A powerful, concentrated powder with a 'fresh green apple' fragrance for cleaning carpets.  Available in 5Kg and 15Kg.  


A fine, high grade, free flowing, lemon perfumed powder, for cleaning carpets, most curtains and upholstery.  Available in 5Kg and 15Kg. 


Safe gentle and effective cleaning powder for delicate fibres such as wool and for stain resistant nylon carpets requiring neutral pH.  5Kg


Safe, neutral pH, low foam cleaner with a pleasant lavender fragrance. Safe to use on wool and wool mix fibres. 5L


Low foaming concentrated hot water extraction liquid with a lemon perfume for all 'water extraction' machines. Now only available as 5L