New Arrivals

New Arrivals

We have created this new Category for our regular Customers/Visitors to highlight all the new additions to the Restormate product range.

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For removal of polymer emulsion floor finishes - low foaming and excellent penetrating power.


Wool and Silk Dye Fix is specially fomulated to fix fugitive dyes from protein on fibres like Wool and Silk on Rugs.


Airflex Spotmaster is portable, lightweight and an effective piece of kit for spot cleaning, touch up between cleans and for small areas.


Currently unavailable

A flourochemical resin in a spirit base (CFC free). For safe application to fibres for protection from both water and oil-based stains. 


Heavy duty pre-spray for synthetic upholstery fabrics to break down common soils and spillages on synthetic upholstery fabrics


Place-anywhere odor control canisters. Simply remove the lid and set in affected area or sprinkle the granulated product onto surfaces.


Low pH, low-foaming rug pre-spray safe for all fibres including wool. Rapidly loosens and dissolves dirt to give superior cleaning results. 


In stock

A natural, enzymatic urine and odour remover, with Cranberry fragrance for malodours caused by urine, vomit and faeces.  3.78L
The Floorwash F25 is a Contra-Rotating Brush (CRB) agitation machine for both carpets and hard floors.
A neutral pH pre-spray and spotter for carpets and upholstery, especially effective on greasy and oily soiling/stains.  5L

A natural solvent gel to deal with a wide range of oily and sticky residues.  Ideal for use on Blu Tack and Gum.  500ml


These pads are stronger, thicker, and perform better than other fibre encapsulation pads - the perfect choice for a wide range of soiling.


Helps to lower the pH in carpet cleaning and dyeing.  Removes residues and preps the dye site for re-dyeing.

Specially formulated acidic gel for the removal of rust, iron mould and old blood stains on carpets fabrics and most surfaces.  1L
Water-based spotter for ink, marker pen, lipstick, nail polish and other water and solvent soluble stains.  500ml

Heavy duty prespray, with solvent booster, for heavily soiled man-made fibres and hard floors.  Available in 3Kg and 15Kg

A highly concentrated, solvent free, heavy duty carpet and upholstery pre-spray, for spots and stains, carbon, grease, oil, soot etc.

Constructed of durable materials which are resistant to chemicals.  Comes with adjustable nozzle and filter on intake pipe.


Pump-Up pressure sprayer resistant to chemicals, adjustable nozzle, on/off switch, sprays upside down and with a viewing window on tank.


A powerful bactericidal deodoriser with a Clean Cotton fragrance in ready to use trigger sprayer (1L).



A powerful bactericidal deodoriser with a Tropical Burst fragrance in ready to use trigger sprayer (1L).


A multi-layer chemical barrier with Type 5/6 protection.  Suitable for use when cleaning/fogging antimicrobials and applying insecticides.