Dry Carpet Cleaning & Agitation Machine

Dry Carpet Cleaning & Agitation Machine

A selection of Dry Carpet Cleaning and Agitation Machines which ae useful for agitating pre-sprays prior to extraction.

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Cost effective, versatile, floor machine.  It's many uses include encapsulation cleaning of carpets, cleaning and stripping of hard floors.

Great for cleaning carpets with a dry compound AND agitating pre-sprays (especially Microsplitters) before wet extraction.

The PRO 35 has the versatility to dry and wet clean carpets and floors all in one machine.  Comes with a set of blue standard brushes.

List Price £1,945.00

PRO 35 White/Soft Carpet Brush.  Suitable for wool carpets.  Please note two brushes are required for the PRO 35 machine.