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A range of our own brand Products, for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning and Hard Floor Cleaning/Restoration.

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Best Value Colloidal product.  Super concentrated eco-friendly cleaning solution.  Dilutes 1:120


Best Value Super concentrated eco-friendly Colloidal cleaning solution.  Dilutes 1:120

Safe and effective neutral pH in-tank powder for wool, stain resistant nylon carpets and a range of fabrics.  Available in 3Kg and 15Kg.

Use as a Pre-spray for Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning. Excellent for removing draft marks and soot and carbon deposits.


An organic, biodegradable, formulation specifically developed for the dry cleaning of carpets and rugs.  Safe to use on wool.  2Kg and 10Kg


New formula Dynamall encap. No need for multiple products, Dynamall does it all: Cleans, Deodorises, Stainguards all in the one application.  Now in 5 Litres.


A highly concentrated, solvent free, heavy duty carpet and upholstery pre-spray, for spots and stains, carbon, grease, oil, soot etc.


For removal of polymer emulsion floor finishes - low foaming and excellent penetrating power.


Heavy duty pre-spray for synthetic upholstery fabrics to break down common soils and spillages on synthetic upholstery fabrics


A natural solvent cleaner that not only deals with chewing gum, but also tar, inks, make-up, candle wax, blu-tac, shoe polish etc.  500ml



A concentrated cleaner and degreaser specifically designed for the cleaning of Safety Flooring and other hard resilient surfaces.


In tank detergent formulated to work at high temperatures so ideal for use in Truckmounts and heated Portables.  Now available in 3Kg & 15Kg.


A neutral pH pre-spray and spotter for carpets and upholstery, especially effective on greasy and oily soiling/stains.  5L


A High Quality Neutral cleaner for Floors, Walls and other hard surfaces. Designed to give optimum results with no residues. 5L


Neutralises odours on carpet, upholstery, soft furnishings and hard surfaces, caused by bacteria, moulds, urine, food, smoke, etc.  5L


An acidic neutralising polymer, encapsulating, rinse which will remove further soil whilst neutralising Alkaline detergent presprays.


A natural solvent gel to deal with a wide range of oily and sticky residues.  Ideal for use on Blu Tack and Gum.  500ml


A professional carpet and fabric polymer, water based, protector.  Offers long-lasting protection against water and oil based stains.  5L


Renovate the appearance of vinyl, linoleum, rubber, terrazzo and sealed wood floors. Hard wearing, contains anti-slip properties when dry.


Our new powerful, polymer-based, solution with added oxidiser together with extra stain remover capabilities.


An excellent, safe to use, deodourising and antimicrobial product which actually eliminates the contaminants rather than just masking. 1L


An excellent, safe to use, deodourising and antimicrobial product which actually eliminates the contaminants rather than just masking. 5L


Heavy duty prespray, with solvent booster, for heavily soiled man-made fibres and hard floors.  Available in 3Kg and 15Kg


Oxy-boosted prespray for carpets.  Contains no detergents, enzymes or solvents.  Available in 4Kg and 15Kg.



Oxy-boosted prespray for Carpets.  Contains no detergents, enzymes or solvents.  Lovely 'Ocean Fresh' fragrance.  Available in 4Kg and 15Kg.


Provides a long lasting bright satin finish and has been designed to suit areas of heavy traffic.  5L

A hard wearing Sealer/Primer for use on porous floors such as Marmoleum before applying finish coat. Can be used as Matt Finish.  5L

Restore SOLV-iT is a natural solvent spot and stain remover.  Excellent for removing oil based stains.  Pleasant citrus fragrance.   1L


Organic plant and vegetable bio-based solvent.  Suitable for removing Paint, Oil, Ink, Grease, Tar, Glue etc.  Now available in 1L and 5L.


Acidic rinse concentrate for use as a rinse agent or post spray for neutralising alkaline pre-sprays, stabilising colours, prevent browning.

1 - 30 of 36 results