We now carry a range of excellent products from the Alltec Network.   They include pre-sprays, carpet detergents and stain removers.

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Superior cleaning on soft furnishings.  Safe and effective cleaning of synthetic and wool carpets, rugs, fabric upholstery etc.  4Kg and 10Kg.  


Solvent based, alkaline and enzyme-free pre-spray, ideal for pre-cleaning heavily soiled synthetic carpets including greasy restaurants.  4Kg

Safe to use product with microsplitter technology.  Cuts into soiling immediately when sprayed.  Leaves fibres clean, soft & residue free. 5L

Helps to improve the cleaning performance of HWE cleaning on heavily soiled carpets and heavily soiled traffic lane areas. 5L


Specially formulated for improved cleaning of very heavily soiled carpets.  Particularly recommended for commercial use.  5L


Special blends of surfactants produce a low pH and low foaming prespray, safe to use on most types of carpets and rugs.  5L


For lifting oil, grease and heavy soiling from the traffic lanes caused in commercial premises such as pubs, clubs and restaurants. 5L


Designed to safely cut through body grease and grime on those impossible to clean low-pile fabrics such as cotton prints.  1L


A concentrated formula for multi surface cleaning and sanitising.  Use wherever fungal, viral and bacterial infection control is required.  Ideal for flood remediation work to sanitise areas and prevent mould growth. 5L


A multi-surface cleaner and sanitiser specially formulated to be safe for use in food preparation areas.  5 Litres


A high performance detergent for safe and effective cleaning of synthetic and wool carpets, rugs, fabric etc.  Primarily for Truck Mounts. 5L


A low-toxicity Dry Cleaning Solvent for use with solvent machines or by hand application on 'dry clean only' fabrics and upholstery. 5L

Concentrated, low moisture, dry foam for cleaning carpets and upholstery with minimum of wetting. 

For stubborn water-based stains left by everyday spills from food and drink, for use on wool, synthetic and protected carpets.  1L and 5L.


An incredibly thick solvent cream for the effective removal of gum, tar, wax and other oil based stains.  500ml


Powerful solvent gel for the removal of a wide range of oil based stains such as chewing gum, tar, grease, candle wax, crayon etc.  500ml


Excellent Chewing Gum remover which not only dissolves gum but is also excellent at removing lipstick, tar, blu tac, wax etc.  1L.

A high alkaline spotter for use as part of the stain removal process to reverse and/or neutralise acid stain removal.  500ml

An oxidising agent to help lighten the shaded area that may be left after normal stain removal procedures.  500ml


Heavy duty alkaline stain remover to break down proteins in blood, vomit, milk, baby food and other protein stains.  1L


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A highly sophisticated blend of solvents for the easy removal of nail varnish, gloss paint, ink, glue, woody dyes, resins, varnishes etc.  1L


For the removal of red food and drink colourings.  Can be used with the 'towel and hot iron' method.  1L


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A special blend of agents designed to effectively remove red wine stains and other red food and drink stains.  Available in 1L and 5L.


A blend of mild wetting agents designed to effectively remove tea and coffee stains.  Available in 1L and 5L.

A special product to reduce the colour of Tea and Coffee stains.  Only to be used after all else has failed.  Last resort product!

A fast acting and powerful odour neutraliser and sanitiser.  Eliminates both the stain and the odour.  Available in 1L and 5L.


Oxidising agent based stain remover.  Unique blend of bleaching products and detergents will safely remove most known stains.  500ml and 5L


A handy aerosol solvent based spot remover, excellent on oil, grease, tar, polish and some glues in smaller areas.


For the fast and easy removal of rust and other metallic stains caused by furniture studs, upholstery buttons and radiator leaks.  500ml


Designed to reduce fugitive dyes, such as dye bleed, red stains and urine stains.  Safe to use on wool.  500g

1 - 30 of 49 results