Red Stain Remover (1L)

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Alltec Red Stain Remover is for the removal of red food and drink colourings.  May be used on a wide range of difficult to move stains such as red wine, fizzy drinks, even fruit juices.  Can be used with the 'towel and hot iron' method.  1L

  • Dilute 1 part to 4 parts warm water (250ml per litre).
  • Apply to stain, leave to work for 4-5 minutes.
  • Gently blot stain with clean cloth and remove with an extraction system.
  • If stain remains, use the 'towel and hot iron' transfer method: re-apply product to stain, lay a clean, damp, white cloth over the stain and press down with a domestic hot iron for a few seconds.  Repeat using fresh areas of towel until no more colour is transferred.  Take care not to allow iron to touch carpet fibres directly, as this may cause scorching/damage.
pH 8
Dilution: 1:4
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