Equipment over £1000 + VAT is now available on lease

Cash flow is the life blood of every business. By leasing equipment it allows you to make a purchase without disrupting this cash flow.  Leasing is also very tax efficient.  The leasing cost is 100% deductable against tax.  This helps you to reduce your tax liability and can even eliminate it!

Monthly repayments are fixed enabling you to budget accurately.  By leasing now, rather than waiting for funds to become available, you are benefiting from current prices.  

Initial outlay is 3 monthly payments on signing - No VAT to pay in full upfront as it is spread over the monthly payments.

Setting up the lease is a simple process involving a short initial phone call to our funding provider.  Our provider will search the best deal available for you on that day.  They are a very friendly, customer orientated, company who have many years experience providing finance for cleaning equipment.

Contact us for details.