Hard Floor Products

Hard Floor Products
Cleaning solutions, machines and accessories to tackle a range of Hard Floor surfaces in domestic and commercial premises. Everything from chemicals, rotaries, floor pads etc.

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A High Quality Neutral cleaner for Floors, Walls and other hard surfaces. Designed to give optimum results with no residues. 5L


The best cleaner degreaser we have come across. Brilliant for cleaning hard surfaces including stone and concrete.  Available in 5L and 25L



Prespray product for the removal of dry soot, carbon, etc on carpets, fabrics & hard surfaces. Excellent cleaner for safety flooring.


A concentrated cleaner and degreaser specifically designed for the cleaning of Safety Flooring and other hard resilient surfaces.


For stone quarry tiles, ceramics, porcelain, terrazzo & other stone composites. Removes soil, grease, limescale & grout residues.


Renovate the appearance of vinyl, linoleum, rubber, terrazzo and sealed wood floors. Hard wearing, contains anti-slip properties when dry.


Neutral pH polyethylene wax-based floor maintainer for damp mopping and spray buffing of vinyl, thermoplastic and stone floors.


For removal of polymer emulsion floor finishes - low foaming and excellent penetrating power.


Ideal to clean and remove built-up sealers and topical coatings on tiles.  Available in 1L and 5L.


A very effective strong stripper which removes old, stubborn or unwanted protective coatings.  Available in 250ml & 5L.


An acidic rinsing agent for neutralising alkaline floor polish stripper before applying new emulsion polish.

Safer organic acids in this neutralizing acid fibre rinse.  Excellent rinsing qualities which will leave fibres feeling soft to touch.

Provides a long lasting bright satin finish and has been designed to suit areas of heavy traffic.  5L

A hard wearing Sealer/Primer for use on porous floors such as Marmoleum before applying finish coat. Can be used as Matt Finish.  5L

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A low odour, durable, bright shine, polymer dressing suitable for high wear areas.  Perfect for use on LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles).  5 Litres


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A low odour, durable, matt finish, polymer dressing suitable for high wear areas.  Designed to give surfaces long lasting protection.  5L

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Removes green Algae and Moss from brickwork, block paving, concrete, decking, marina pontoons etc, offering long term protection.  5L and 20L


30 cm swivel head, hard surface cleaning wand with 180 degree brush and squeegee action with single jet.


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Hydro-Force SX-12 Hard Surface Cleaner - make quick work out of any job with the industry's most advanced hard surface tool. 


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The Hydro-Force SX-15 is built for speed!  Make quick work out of any job with the industry's most advanced hard surface tool.


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The Floorwash F25 is a Contra-Rotating Brush (CRB) agitation machine for both carpets and hard floors.

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A genuine 'workhorse' that will take almost anything in its stride. Ideal for cleaning commercial carpets and hard floor maintenance.

List Price £1,100.00

80 Litre Wet Vac with Auto Pumpout.

List Price £799.00

20L bucket on 75mm castors. Side press wringer for mops upto 400g. Ideal for restricted spaces. Colour: blue.


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Get the tile and grout brush that will take a big BITE out of tough grime on your grout lines!


Grout Cleaning Brush with angled bristles for effective cleaning in tiled areas. Comes complete with 48" (125cm) handle.


An excellent tool for the application of floor polishes and sealers. Complete with 48" handle, Frame and 1 x Mophead.


Microfibre Flat Mophead for  'dust' and 'damp' mopping of hard floors and also the application of floor finish.


Edging Pad Hand-Held Holder to be used with Edging Pads to get into those nooks, crannies and awkward corners that your machine can't reach.

£9.60 / Byte

Use Floor Edging Holder to access areas where floor machines cannot reach. Frame 23cm x 10cm.


1 - 30 of 49 results