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Cost effective, versatile, floor machine.  It's many uses include encapsulation cleaning of carpets, cleaning and stripping of hard floors.


A genuine 'workhorse' that will take almost anything in its stride. Ideal for cleaning commercial carpets and hard floor maintenance.

List Price £851.26

Package includes Rotary, Porcupine Pad Holder, Solution Tank, and a selection of Carpet Bonnet Pads.


Unique three brush cleaning system.  The ideal machine to use when it comes to tackling large jobs as it cleans 300m2 per hour. 

List Price £2,273.00
Numatic 450mm Polyscrub Brush to fit Hurricane HFM1515.  Suitable for the cleaning of hard floors.
Numatic 450mm Shampoo Brush to fit Hurricane HFM1515.  Suitable for the cleaning of carpets, especially corded-type carpets.

Solution Tank to fit NPR1515.


Sorry - currently out of stock.  Due in week beginning 15th April.

Cotton bonnet which absorbs significantly more than synthetic yarns and produce more friction to actually clean better.  17"

Not in stock

The Zebra Agitation Pad is ideal when using encapsulation products, bonnet cleaning and for agitating pre-sprays prior to extraction.


The Zebra Agitation Pad is ideal when using encapsulation products, bonnet cleaning and for agitating pre-sprays prior to extraction.


Set of 3 8" Zebra Agitation Pads ideal for use with Cimex machine when using encapsulation products and agitating pre-sprays.


Standard Carpet Pad for low moisture carpet cleaning. Made of looped white polyamide which absorbs the dirt from the carpet very easily. 



Reversible medium profile bonnet with "green stripe" scrubber strips on both sides.  Designed for medium to heavy soil situations.


Highly absorbent pad, ideal for maintenance cleaning or bonneting after extraction cleaning to dry off the top surface of carpets.


Microfibre Bonnet Pad 17" to clean carpets and hard floors with a rotary machine. Superior product which can be washed upto 300 times.


Excellent quality Upholstery Mitt.  Enables cleaning, and agitation, of upholstery and stairs  8" diameter.


Fine pad for polishing dry floors. Will remove light dirt whilst maintaining high gloss finish. Can be used for bonnet cleaning carpets.


A mildly abrasive dry buffing/light spray cleaning floor pad. Wiill buff away light soil and remove scuff marks and dirt.


A medium abrasive floor pad for spray cleaning, removes dirt and scuff marks easily from heavily soiled floors.


Ideal for dry buffing, wet spray buffing and light duty scrubbing. Cleans when damp, buffs when dry.


Heavy duty wet scrubbing pad. Ideal for renovating, providing a fresh new surface ready for recoating. Removes dirt, spills and scuffs.


Aggressive, heavy duty pad for wet stripping only. Prepares floors for recoating. Quickly removes dirt, wax, floor finish and sealers.


Exclusive technology that prevents wicking and recurring spots and provides longer lasting dry soil protection.  Wonderful fragrance. 3.78L

A high-powered encapsulation detergent formulated for the most difficult carpet cleaning challenges (end of tenancies, greasy restaurants).

Sorry - currently out of stock.

Citrus oxy encap to remove not only oily, greasy soils, but organic stains from carpets and fabrics.  3.78L



Not in stock

Enzymatic encapsulation cleaner for those tough jobs where protein stains are a problem.  3.78L

 Sorry - currently out of stock.  Due in mid-April.
A powerful Hydrogen Peroxide carpet spotter, not only for organic stains like coffee and wine, but also for dirt and grease.  946ml

Not in stock

New formula Dynamall encap. No need for multiple products, Dynamall does it all: Cleans, Deodorises, Stainguards all in the one application.  Now with Lemon fragrance.


Hydrogen peroxide powered encapsulant which brightens carpets, tackling spots and stains.  Replacement for Roto-Brite II. 3.78L



Neutral pH cleaner, deodoriser, protector and drier for carpets with an added disinfectant.  For use with thermal rotary systems. 5L


1 - 30 of 43 results