Eco-Friendly/Detergent Free Products

Eco-Friendly/Detergent Free Products

A range of Environmentally Friendly and Detergent Free Carpet and Upholstery (and Hard Floor) cleaning products which adhere to three important principles - reduce the impact of the cleaning process on the enviornment; reduce the impact to the cleaning operative and provide an environment free from harmful residues or chemicals.

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Safe to use product with microsplitter technology.  Cuts into soiling immediately when sprayed.  Leaves fibres clean, soft & residue free. 5L

Amazing formulation for use as a spot cleaner or pre-spray when cleaning carpets and upholstery. Enzyme free, no detergents.   5L.


Revolutionary product for spot cleaning carpets and fabrics. Enzyme-free, no detergents.  Ready to use.  Now in 1L



Best Value Colloidal product.  Super concentrated eco-friendly cleaning solution.  Dilutes 1:120


 Best Value Super concentrated eco-friendly Colloidal cleaning solution.  Dilutes 1:120


Cleans without the use of synthetic surfactant chemistry, turns residues into free rinsing soaps for fast complete removal.  


Non-corrosive cleaner safely breaks down hard water deposits and soiling on hard surfaces and effective rust remover for carpets.


Multi-purpose carpet cleaning powder with new soap-free, enzyme-free and fragrance-free formula.


Oxy-Boosted Pre-spray for Carpets.  Contains no detergents, enzymes or solvents.  Available in 4Kg and 15Kg.



Oxy-Boosted Pre-spray for Carpets.  Contains no detergents, enzymes or solvents.  Lovely 'Ocean Fresh' fragrance.  Available in 4Kg and 15Kg.


Organic plant and vegetable bio-based solvent.  Suitable for removing Paint, Oil, Ink, Grease, Tar, Glue etc.  Now available in 1L and 5L.