Infection Control

Infection Control

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ATP Hygiene Monitoring System using state-of-the art electronics with improved functionality while maintaining its small hand-held design and affordability.


Ultrasnap is a user-friendly, all-in-one, ATP sampling test used with the SystemSURE luminometer. This pen-sized sample collection device is easy to use, small and environmentally friendly.


Formula 429 is a water based antimicrobial with multi-surface broad spectrum kill and residual control for white and grey water treatment.


Formula 429 Plus - The ideal, fragranced, antimicrobial to help with protection from potential risks.



Best choice fogger for deodorizing & disinfecting with water-based deodorizers and disinfectants. Fitted with 48" flexible hose.


Sorry - currently out of stock.  Due week beginning 26th August.

The Mini Fogger is suitable for small scale application of odour control products, sanitisers and pesticides.


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Sorry - currently out of stock.  Due week beginning 26th August.

Thermal Fogger is ideal for helping to eradicate odours caused by fire, smoke, pets, mildew etc with Solvent-based deodorant.



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Pre-cleaner and sanitiser protecting by killing harmful bacteria, viruses and odours. For use on carpets, fabrics and hard surfaces.  5L