Furniture Clinic Leather Products

Furniture Clinic Leather Products

Furniture Clinic was founded in 2004, with its Head Quarters located in North East England. From here, Furniture Clinic manufacture a unique range of leather cleaning, repair and restoration products used in many industries including Furniture, Automotive, Clothing, Handbag, Luggage and many more.

Furniture Clinic uses state of the art technology to develop and test new products to be used in their cleaning and repair process. From the initial design stage, the products are then approved by third party test houses to make sure they conform to industry standards. The products are then used first by Furniture Clinic technicians before being brought to market. This vigorous process ensures all products are fully vetted giving you complete piece of mind.


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Deep cleans dirty and grimy leather.  Safe to use and very effective all purpose leather cleaner.  Available in 500ml and 5L.  


4-in-1 product with added barrier protection technology: feeds, nourishes, protects and re-instates leather aroma.  Now in 500ml and 5L.  


Unique cleaning action easily removes the most stubborn stains from all items of leather.  250ml



The Alcohol Cleaner removes all surface grease, grime and other contaminants that could otherwise cause adhesion problems.  1L


A polyurethane liquid which improves the adhesion of colourants to leather and vinyl.  500ml


Furniture Clinic Leather Binder is a thin liquid used to strengthen heavily worn and cracked leather.  500ml



Restores colour to faded and worn leather by simply being rubbed in with a soft cloth, restoring the colour and aspect of the leather.  250ml


Hand sized sponge used for cleaning any surface but particularly good for cleaning of, and applying colour to, leather.


Foamer Bottle turns cleaners into foam!  Excellent to use with Furniture Clinic Leather Ultra Clean.  150ml