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Bonnet Pro
A range of products from Bonnet Pro for low moisture cleaning (encapping) and, with their new LAVA range, hot water extraction cleaning.

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Safer organic acids in this neutralizing acid fibre rinse.  Excellent rinsing qualities which will leave fibres feeling soft to touch.
A high pH, none-Oxy, easy to mix (even in cold water) powdered prespray for synthetic carpets and upholstery with a light scent.
This is not just a masking agent, this will destroy odours associated with humans, animal urine, food, smoke etc

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Safely rinse carpets and upholstery with this neutral extraction rinse but is powerful enough to cut through hydrocarbons and other soiling.

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Exceptional liquid extraction prespray containing nano and microemulsion technologys, safe for both residential and commercial environments.

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The ultimate green cleaner for carpets, upholstery and other wet cleanable surfaces.  Use for Low Moisture and as a HWE prespray.

A powerful ultra-green carpet spotter and multi-surface cleaner to be used on almost any wet cleanable fibre/surface.

Enzymatic encapsulation cleaner for those tough jobs where protein stains are a problem.  3.78L


A powdered encap which is an extraction rinse, booster and low moisture cleaning...all in the one product.  3.4Kg

Prespray with Oxy and Citrus for your most demanding extraction challenges.  Can also be used as a booster.

A powerful Hydrogen Peroxide carpet spotter, not only for organic stains like coffee and wine, but also for dirt and grease.  946ml


Citrus oxy encap to remove not only oily, greasy soils, but organic stains from carpets and fabrics.  Available in 3.78L



A high-powered encapsulation detergent formulated for the most difficult carpet cleaning challenges (end of tenancies, greasy restaurants).


Exclusive technology that prevents wicking and recurring spots and provides longer lasting dry soil protection.  Wonderful fragrance. 3.78L

A natural, enzymatic urine and odour remover, with Cranberry fragrance for malodours caused by urine, vomit and faeces.  3.78L
USOR (Urine Stain Odour Remover) for hot water extraction cleaning, has more active ingredients and technologies than any other product.

Cotton bonnet which absorbs significantly more than synthetic yarns and produce more friction to actually clean better.  8, 13, 15, 17 & 21"

Perfect choice when you need a high quality carpet cleaning fibre pad that will clean a wide range of soiling conditions.

These pads are stronger, thicker, and perform better than other fibre encapsulation pads - the perfect choice for a wide range of soiling.

High quality tool will last years and perfect for using with IronMan and Revive Pads and, unlike Vecro-type pads, it won't damage fibres.