Surround Ultra (3.78L)

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BonnetPro Surround Ultra with ProFresh actually incorporates encapsulating odour counteractents.  ProFresh is a true odour absorber not just a mask.  ProFresh chemically alters volatile odours rendering them undetectable, i.e. non-volatile, so they do not reach the olfactory nerve and therefore cannot be smelled.  Now, for the first time, your encap product will not smell like a typical cleaning product but will retain excellent cleaning power, encapsulation properties, acid dye resistors and all of the features you expect in a double strength Ultra premium encapsulant.  Surround Ultra has truly set a new standard in encapsulation features and performance.  3.78L

ProFresh is Surround Ultra's signature fragrance.  With a crisp scent of effervescent ozone and white florals that combine naturally bright accents of eucalyptus, spearmint and lime to provide a sense of outdoor freshness.  Ultra will leave a very mild but noticeable fragrance for up to 12 hours.  Like fresh laundry, the scent is not strong but it is enough to say "clean".
Surround Ultra contains exclusive T2H Hybrid Polyer Technology that prevents wicking and recurring spots and provides longer lasting dry soil protection.  In other words the carpet will stay cleaner longer with no threat of airborne crystallized polymers and no sticky residue.  No rinsing is required.  Safe for all types of synthetic carpet fibre and most wools. 
Surround is a double strength product so you'll only need 120-240ml per 3.78L.  That means that 1 x 3.78L of Surround Ultra will produce 16 to 32 ready to use 3.78L.  
Surround Ultra has the following special technical features:
Powerful proprietary encapsulating detergent polymers that will emulsify organic phase or oily soils and suspend most particulate soils for easy removal.  These detergent polymers will encapsulate the suspended soils and detergents leaving behind a polymer residue.  This polymer residue will provent rapid re-soiling and enhance the efficiency of routine vacuuming, allowing for continued removal of any residual soils after the cleaning process.  This reduces the frequency of wet cleaning needed to maintain or preserve the appearance of the carpet face fibre.
ProFresh is a true odour absorber not just a mask.  ProFresh chemically alters volatile odours rendering them undetectable, i.e. non-volatile.
Proprietary anti-soiling agents that enhance the formation of encapsulating films that provide extended soil resistance after the cleaned area has dreid.
Surface tension modifiers help enhance the efficiency of the cleaning agents leading to increased productivity, spot and soil resistance, and better soil release in subsequent cleanings.  These surface tension modifiers are particularly effective in allowing for better removal of the oily or greasy soils found in many commercial environments.
Free of hazardous air pollutants that can affect indoor air quality.
Product Features:
  • Strongest Ultra formula ever.
  • No crystallizing polymer dust.
  • Dries clear for brighter carpets.
  • T2H Hybrid Polymer technology.
  • Very popular ProFresh fragrance.
  • Zinc-based odour neutralizers.
  • Special antimicrobial keeps mixed solutions fresher for longer, saving you money.
  • Money saving double strength dilutions.
  • No sticky polymer residue.
  • Safer ingredients with NO hazardous components.
  • Anti-wicking formula.
  • Use for bonnet and all LM, extraction prespray and upholstery.
  • pH 8.8-9.2
A Safety Data Sheet is available to download below.

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