Cimex CR48

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The Truvox Cimex CR48 has a unique three brush cleaning system.  The ideal machine to use when it comes to tackling large commercial carpet cleaning jobs as it can clean 300m2 per hour.  Use it in conjunction with the new polymer encapsulation cleaning products to produce amazing results.
The Truvox Cimex CR48 has been designed to provide a high level of versatility.  Ideal for maintaining most types of commercial or industrial floors. A truly multi-purpose machine, suitable for cleaning, scrubbing and polishing.

The Cimex makes light work of cleaning uneven surfaces, scrubbing hard floors and polishing and spray cleaning of ceramic and vinyl floors. The deep cleaning action works well on tiles, concrete, rubber, wood, carpet and vinyl. The floating brushes ensure reliable cleaning of difficult surfaces such as textured natural stone, slip resistant floors and grout lines.

The Cimex triple brush action prevents cable snagging and provides a fantastic finish on a range of surfaces while offering ease of use. The central motor ensures even brush pressure with no 'bloom' rings or halo effects to spoil your floors. The reversing brush action further works to extend the life of the brush.

The Truvox Cimex has been built for ease of operation, with water delivered through the brush centres to limit splashing and a non-clog solution valve giving uninterrupted operation. Its belt drive offers quiet operation, perfect for use in schools, hospitals and nursing homes.
Please note that price is for machine only.  Drive Pads, Brushes etc are an additional cost (please see below).



Product Note Status Price
Cimex Pad Drives (Set of 3) Cimex Pad Drives (Set of 3)
Cimex Shampoo Brushes Cimex Shampoo Brushes
Zebra Agitation Pads (8") Set of 3 Zebra Agitation Pads (8") Set of 3
Revive Plus Encap Fibre Pads Revive Plus Encap Fibre Pads
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