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The SEBO Duo is an excellent machine, very popular with carpet cleaners, is great for cleaning carpets with a dry compound AND agitating pre-sprays (especially Microsplitters) before wet extraction...much easier than using a carpet brush!

Agitation dramatically improves the performance of your cleaning chemicals resulting in cleaner carpets and less effort to obtain excellent results!

Cleaning without using water, it is effective and avoids wet cleaning problems such as carpet shrinkage, adhesive damage, smell and long 'area out of use' periods due to lengthy drying times.

The Duo system comprises a brushing machine, the Duo, and carpet cleaning powder, duo-P (available as an extra purchase). The Duo brushing machine features twin contra-rotating brushes which open up the carpet pile and work the duo-P carpet cleaning powder deep into the pile and around every fibre.

This purchases includes a SEBO Duo cleaning machine including Storage Tray, 2Kg Duo-P Cleaning Powder and a Spot Cleaning Brush.


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SEBO Duo-P Cleaning Powder (10 x 500gm sachets) SEBO Duo-P Cleaning Powder (10 x 500gm sachets)
Duo Drive Belt Duo Drive Belt
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