Prochem Sapphire Upholstery Pro Handtool

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Fast, fatigue-free cleaning - all day long with the Prochem Sapphire Upholstery Pro Hand Tool!   List Price £575 + VAT.
Now you can effectively clean a wide range of fabrics with just one tool.
  • Precision flow control allows for easy adjustments and the unique continuous flow design allows you to extract in both directions for the best clean possible.
  • Unlike some jetted tools, the Upholstery Pro will prevent over-spray on boxing and piping due to its enclosed injector spray design.
  • The Upholstery Pro is also the most comfortable cleaning tool available today.
  • Equipped with a trigger lock to reduce hand fatigue, the cleaning head is correctly angled and carefully balanced to reduce wrist, arm and back fatigue. The new design incorporates lightweight but extremely durable see-through cleaning head.
  • The Upholstery Pro is compatible with truckmounts and continuous flow extraction machines.
  • 10 cm (4”) head with 3m (10ft) hide-a-hose.
See the Sapphire Upholstery Pro Handtool in action below:




The User Guide and Parts Diagram is available below to download.

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