Quality products, used by professional cleaning companies, to clean and deodorise Washrooms.

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Very effective biological washroom cleaner that works by degrading organic soiling to completely eradicate stains and odours.


Biological Urinal Blocks specifically formulated to reduce odour problems and blockages in urinals.

Heavy duty toilet cleaner and descaler, safe to use on stainless steel. Designed to remove limescale, uric acid and general stains from lavatory runs leaving a noticeable fresh dewberry odour.

Suitable as a general purpose disinfectant. Ideal on a range of hard surface areas. Leaves behind a mild fresh citrus fragrance.


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Developed as a heavy duty neutral liquid soap for industry.   Solvent free. Removes oil and grease from hands quickly and effectively.


Clean BLUE is a glass cleaner with attitude! Simply spray it on and wipe it off to leave glass and mirrors sparkling clean.


Surface cleaner manufactured for its deep cleaning capabilities.   A highly concentrated and versatile cleaner.