OdorBac Tec Odour Eliminator

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OdorBac Tec is a powerful concentrated odour eliminator for use on hard surfaces and soft furnishings.

Developed over a 15 year period, OdorBac has been specially formulated for use in the commercial environment to provide superior results.

Available with a nice, clean, fresh fragrance.

Can OdorBac Tec really eliminate odours?
Yes.  OdorBac traps odours within the water droplet, and then specially formulated odour destructive reagents within the formula attack an odour compound on a molecular level, changing the structure so it is no longer an odour.  The technology destroys odours; therefore it does not even need a fragrance to be able to work.  Accredited as a genuine scientific breakthrough by Newcastle Science City, further independent laboratory tests show that OdorBac technology performs 40% more effectively than the leading brand of odour remover.
Is OdorBac Tec safe to use?
Despite the powerful cleaning attributes of OdorBac Tec, it is non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-irritant and non-carcinogenic.  In addition, it is environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable.
Is OdorBac Tec effective against viruses?
OdorBac Tec prohibits the growth of viruses at a dilution of just 1:256 and is extremely effective against norovirus.


Carpets, Upholstery and other Soft Furnishings:  Always pre-test in inconspicuous area.  Remove as much of contamination as possible.  Spray product onto area, brush in and extract.  Additional product can be applied and left to dry if required.  For larger areas, OdorBac Tec can be used in solution tank of extraction cleaner.

Hard Surface Historical Odour Problem Areas:  Apply liberally to area at 1:1 dilution.  For extreme soiling, repeat if necessary to reach deep soaked odours.  Maintain areas regularly using appropriate dilution.

General Odour Removal:  Remove as much of the contaminant as possible.  Apply using spray, mop or cloth and leave to dry.  No need to rinse.



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